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My interest for cowries (and generally for seashells) started about 22 years ago during a walk along the streets of Tulear (South West of Madagascar) : in that circumstance I casually stopped at the seashells market. It was the first time I saw the spectacular show : hundreds of colourful shells over mats sold by Malagasy women seated on the street edges. As many people, at the first time, I didn't believe that so small and insignificant animals could build such beautiful artworks ! It was immediately love !

I have several traveling opportunities for pleasure and work and, when possible, I try to purchase shells directly from local fishermen or dealers. I'm a scuba diver too (sometimes can find some interesting specimens by myself and can take pictures of living animals).

During the last 18 years I have focused my attention to the Oman shorelines where I have had the opportunity to deepen knowledge of this beautiful country and its spectacular and often endemic variety of molluscs. So my interest for the Cypraeidae family has been extended to all the mollusc families coming from this country.

I like also photography. Maybe you can find some pictures from my trips in these web pages.

Madagascar canoe